I facilitate transformative workshops, host and moderate panels and provide keynote speeches on race, class and gender at schools, universities, companies and non-governmental organisations.

To achieve a racism free world, we first need to talk to kids about racism, SABC Kids News Interview (Xhosa/English)

Diversity, Transformation and Inclusion Interventions Experience: Racism, sexism and other -isms are taught behaviors. Children are socialised and taught -isms through different institutions of socialisation. Change in one level must be replicated in the next level for sustainable transformation. Solutions to ending discrimination based on race, gender or class must therefore start with unpacking the socialisation process and change must be implemented at different levels for a long lasting solution.

I work in the academic and social justice spaces conducting transformative workshops at schools, universities, non- governmental organisations and companies on inclusion, diversity and transformation, and have been trained in various coaching and facilitation methodologies including Digital Storytelling, Gender Reconciliation, Open Design, Constellations, Time to Think and Design Thinking methodologies. I use these methodologies to facilitate transformative workshops and difficult conversations on race, gender and class and at universities, schools and companies.

My work takes place physically and online. I am a community administrator on an online community group that helps participants discuss how to deal with racism and its impact in our daily lives. In doing this work, online and offline, it has become clear that dialogue and community building across difference are critical if we are to solve some of the world’s most pressing socio-economic issues. I write opinion columns and am called to comment on issues of race, gender and class in media often. As an academic, my work in books and academic journals has been focused on race, class, gender and developing socially-just curricula for diverse societies.

Digital Storytelling: Storytelling is a method that has been found to be effective for helping young people share their feelings, fears and hopes for the future. Digital storytelling workshops help students to speak out and indicate key issues that need to be addressed at your school, university or workplace.

Writing on Race, Gender and Representation

In this work it is critical to be self-reflexive, intentional and hyper-aware of your positionality at all times. We are constantly engaging with our practices and the potential harm we may cause daily, and attempting to enact mitigation strategies. We regularly have difficult conversations about power dynamics, representation, feminism and social justice with other activists across the race, gender, age and class spectrum.

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Toni Morrison taught us to be unapologetic about racism. The death of Toni Morrison, 88, American editor, novelist and professor, is a huge loss to many around the world. Morrison, who won both the Nobel Prize in Literature and the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, was especially influential on black authors, academics and activists working on race issues today.

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