In addition to being a globally-recognised speaker, who provides services as a keynote speaker, master of ceremonies, facilitator and moderator, Asanda Ngoasheng is a Diversity Trainer, Political Analyst and Academic Coach.

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Diversity Trainer: I facilitate transformative workshops, host and moderate panels and provide keynote speeches on race, class, gender, diversity, and social justice curriculum development. This work is done at schools, universities, companies and non-governmental organisations. I help organisations manage change by developing short- and long-term sustainable strategies for building an institution where everyone can feel they belong. I have been trained in various coaching methodologies which I use in my workshops including Design Thinking, the World Cafe Method, Gender Reconciliation, Time to Think and Digital Storytelling. I facilitate conversations and workshops offline and online, and for the past five years, I have been an online community administrator for a community of 4,000+ people discussing how to deal with race and racism and its impact in our daily lives.

Political Analyst: I provide Political Risk Analysis for companies and clients that need to understand the impact of emerging political events in South Africa and Africa within the global political system, to make decisions. As a political analyst, I study political actors, events and developments and use this research to predict the political, economic, and social trends of South Africa, Africa, and global political systems. I am regularly featured on various local and global media platforms giving political analysis on events of the day and key moments in history.

Curriculum Developer: My key areas of focus are diversity in the classroom and building socially-just curricula that is student-centred and fulfills student needs for academic success. I have published articles in academic journals on curriculum development for Universities of Technology (UoT) and traditional universities. I also coach students on understanding the process of teaching and learning and how to best approach it for success, schoolteachers and academics on building relevant and socially just curricula that centre student access and needs for academic success, and academics on using technology and other pedagogic interventions to engage students.