I provide Political Risk Analysis for companies and clients that need an understanding of the impact of emerging political events in South Africa and Africa within the global political system, in order to make decisions. As a political analyst, I study political actors, events and developments and use this research to predict the political, economic and social trends of South Africa, Africa and global political systems.

Political Analysis Experience: I provide political analysis in English and Xhosa, and was chosen as one of the official political analysts for the 2019 Local Government elections for the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC). I have also provided political analysis live on television on the State of the Nation for enca and News24.

Examples of political analysis:

Freedom Day 2023

Umxholo on Umhlobo Wenene



A lot of the major political parties are not adequately addressing these key issues.

Asanda Ngoasheng, Link to full story