I facilitate transformative workshops, host and moderate panels and provide talks and trainings on inclusion, diversity and transformation at schools, universities, corporates and non-governmental organisations.

I have been trained in various coaching and facilitation methodologies to facilitate difficult conversations on race, class and gender, including Digital Storytelling, Gender Reconciliation, Open Design, Constellations, Time to Think and Design Thinking.

My work takes place both physically and online, and I am also a community administrator for an online group that helps participants discuss how to deal with racism and its impact in our daily lives. In doing this work over the years, it has become clear that dialogue and community building across difference are critical if we are to solve some of South Africa and the world’s most pressing socioeconomic problems.

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To achieve a racism free world, we first need to talk to kids about racism. SABC Kids News (Xhosa/English)

Diversity, Transformation and Inclusion Interventions

Racism, sexism and other -isms are taught behaviours. Children are socialised and taught -isms through different institutions of socialisation. Change in one level must be replicated in the next level for sustainable transformation. Solutions to ending discrimination based on race, gender or class must therefore start with unpacking the socialisation process and change must be implemented at different levels for a long lasting solution.